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Fermentation a fad? What is a nutritious juice and why do juicers prefer Cos to iceberg? What nuts are great fresh, not so good after a short period of time? Questions Clinton can answer. Which other shop provides that expertise?

Start eating, start juicing, start cooking with. A vast range of certified organic produce available for you to get the most out of the produce that you buy.

Organically Grown Adelaide Nutrition

Fads come and go, as do diets. Clinton juices his store produce, Clinton eats his store produce. Clinton cooks with store produce.

He stocks locally fermented food, yoghurts and nuts and seeds. His fresh fruit and vegetables is delivered many a times a week by a swag of farmers, that he supports and encourages. Why? Because he, and they, and independent studies, show that certified organic food is more nutritious.

Buy it. Eat it. Taste it.