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The Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are recognised as forming part of a healthy diet and feature extensively in the Mediterranean diet. Organically Grown has a massive range of nuts and seeds, all certified organic and can put a specific combination together for you.

Which nuts are healthy when fresh, but not so good as time goes by and which can last for an extended period of time? Which minerals and vitamins are found in the available range of nuts and seeds?

Clinton seeks to buy certified organic nuts and seeds that are grown in the healthiest soils and by buying directly from the grower he can ensure the freshest, just shelled produce.

Organically Grown Adelaide Nuts & Seeds

Hand and Hoe Macadamias and Willunga Hills Almonds, a couple of the local growers supplying nutritious, healthy certified organic nuts.

Not all products that Clinton carries in his certified organic nut and seed range are local. The certified organic pepita seeds for example come from Austria.