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Organically Grown has a range of certified organic fruit and vegetables second to none. Not only is the range extensive, but Clinton's genuine enthusiasm for organic produce, means that the very best of each line is carried.

Fruit and vegetable is labelled. If in doubt ask Clinton or any of his helpful staff.

For the convenience of the customer Organically Grown supplements its certified organic produce with low spray, IPM and where there is no other option available conventional produce.

Organically Grown Adelaide The Fruit & Veg

Certified Organic

As at mid 2018 there are five certification bodies accredited for organic certification under the National Standard, administered by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (previously AQIS). Links to the various bodies can be found here.

Certified organic fruit and vegetables are grown on land that has undergone a conversion process to meet the standards that a certifying body imposes on an operator (grower of certified organic food). An annual audit is conducted against the standard for which the operator is required to meet the standard and display a commitment to ongoing improvement. The accreditation body can in addition conduct an audit against an operator at any time.

Note that at some point during the conversion process, an operator may label his fruit and vegetables as Organic In Conversion. More information can be found at the websites of the certification bodies.

Low Spray

The shop Organically Grown is located in an area of Adelaide that was home to a large number of migrants from European countries. These residents brought their customs with them and soon had thriving backyard vegetable plots and trees overloaded with delicious fruit. Over the course of years, they have sold their excess produce to Clinton. Many do not spray at all, but for arguments sake we’ve placed them under low spray.

From wholesalers and the market place Clinton will also purchase low spray produce that forms part of a separate accreditation process for spray requirements.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM), uses good bugs to combat and control bad bugs. Natural predators are introduced which build up a sample size that is able to control and then reduce the effect of bad bugs.

In an IPM environment the grower usually implements low spray practices. Again there are accredited bodies that oversee the IPM environment and the use thereof by an operator.

Conventional Produce

For the convenience of his customers, so as to provide the ability to be a one stop shop for fruit and vegetables, Clinton will purchase when necessary conventional produce. Product will be labelled as such.

If in doubt ask Clinton or any of his helpful staff.