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The Dry Goods

Pasta, rice, honey, flours, eggs, whole grains, cacao powder, coffee and tea, soaps and pastes (tooth and freshly made peanut) to name a few. Look in the fridge. Yoghurt, kimchi, cheese, kombucha, milk, ready to drink and much more.

Usually more than one producer of each line is stocked. For example honey. Clinton tries each honey, so Organically Grown stocks honey from producers that he would personally like to eat. Honey from Kangaroo Island and The Adelaide Hills. Similarly eggs. Certified Biodynamic eggs are stocked as well as Earth Eggs Nomadic. You will not find caged or cage free eggs here.

Organically Grown Adelaide Dry Goods

Everything the home cook requires to make a nutritional and delicious meal can be found at Organically Grown including dried herbs and spices. Of course the fresh equivalents can be found in the fruit and vegetable section of the shop.

Japanese? Some of the ingredients you may need. Noodles, tofu and soy sauce. Add a miso soup. What about Daikon radish?

Italian? Pasta, passata, canned tomatoes. Splash awesome local olive oil to enhance the certified organic vegetables swimming in the Minestrone soup. A meal to make anyone content.

Greek? Beans of various shapes and sizes. The Greek national dish, Fassolada (white bean soup) anyone? What about giant lima beans, Gigantes?

The fabled Mediterranean diet finishes with some fruit. An apple, orange, pear or peach. What is in season? They also eat plenty of nuts and seeds.

Meat products are not stocked. Clinton recommends the shop P & A Organic Meat Store, which is a short distance away. Seafood products are also not stocked. Visit a fishmonger for sustainably wild caught fish.